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José Carlos LLOP

jose carlos llop

La escafandra
Destino, 2006

(The Diving Helmet) “While I was arranging these notes – Llop writes in the introduction – a sentence in a book entitled “The World of Fish” caught my eye. Maybe because I was listening to the Gnossiennes by Satie, which also have a certain submarine feel, I thought something submarine could maybe slide in between some of these pages. “The world of fish” – said that sentence- “is a celebration without happiness, astounds the eyes leaving the heart indifferent.” There are no journals written with an indifferent heart, of course, but writing them sometimes is a way to make the heart move like a fish under water, with an elegant indifference when it faces those worldly things that may hurt us, so that happiness remains past the colors that shine under the sea. I guess that´s the reason why there are times when the use of a diving helmet becomes necessary.” 

Llop gathers in The Diving Helmet, the last three years of a century that did not end on December 31st, 2000 but on September 11th, 2001.

(Spain, Destino)

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