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El món d'Horaci

El món d'Horaci
Empúries, 1995

(Horaci’s World) What do the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, The War of the Worlds, the Cathars and The Olympic Games in Barcelona have in common? Is it possible to establish a classification of love from the coordinates of the Cartesian axes? Who was the real target of the Symbiotic Liberation Army? Who invented television news broadcasts? The answer to these questions can be found in this book:  all discovered by chance by Vicenç Pagès Jordà, who has written the prologue and has made an annotated version. Through the day-to-day life of Horaci and two other students, who share a house in the Barcelonese neighbourhood of Gràcia, the author constructs an ambitious argument, halfway between fiction and creative essay, with the help of the paranoiac-critical Dalinian Method.

(Spain, Empúries - Catalan)

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