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Zaragoza, 1968

© Laura Muñoz Hermida

Cristina Fallarás is a journalist and a writer. She lives in Barcelona and she works as a journalist for several newspapers, radio and TV channels. She currently manages Sigueleyendo, a website of books, readers and authors.

Her books published to-date include: La otra Enciclopedia Catalana (Belacqva, 2002); Rupturas (Urano, 2003); No acaba la noche (Planeta, 2006); and Así murió el poeta Guadalupe (Alianza, 2009).

Her story The Severed Hand was published in the US anthology Barcelona Noir (Akashik Books, 2011).

After the thriller Las niñas perdidas (Roca, 2011; L'H Confidencial 2011 Prize and Hammett 2012 Award), she published Últimos días en el puesto del Este (DVD, 2011 – reissued by Salto de Página, 2013),  awarded with the LXII City of Barbastro International Short Novel  Prize.

Her latest work is the non-fiction book A la puta calle. Crónica de un desahucio (Planeta, 2013).

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