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Ignacio VIDAL


Barcelona, 1956

© R. F.

Ignacio Vidal-Folch is a writer and a journalist. He is the author of the novels No se lo digas a nadie (Anagrama, 1987), La libertad (Anagrama, 1996), La cabeza de plástico (Anagrama, 1999) Turistas del Ideal (Destino, 2005) and Contramundo (Destino, 2006). He has also published books of short stories as Amigos que no he vuelto a ver (Anagrama, 1997), Más lejos y más abajo (1999, NH Award to the Best Book of Short Stories) and Noche sobre noche (Destino, 2009). His talent as a chronicler of sharp observational skill and refined intellectual rigour is harnessed in the volume Barcelona: Secret Museum (Actar, 2009) a peculiar literary guide to the city.

His latest published work is Lo que cuenta es la ilusión (Destino, 2012), a thousand commentaries, selected from the author’s personal diary, that explain what is going on and suggest we take a humorous and melancholic look at it.

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