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Fernando ROYUELA

Fernando ROYUELA

Madrid, 1963

© Regina Royuela

Fernando Royuela (Madrid, 1963) is a lawyer and he works in Madrid. As autor he has published novels as well as several short stories and books of poetry. The success of his novel La mala muerte (Alfaguara, 2000) confirmed his place among the most talented writers of his generation and earned him the prestigious Ojo Crítico Award for the best novel of the year. He es also the autor of La pasión según las fieras (Alfaguara, 2003), Violeta en el cielo con diamantes (Alfaguara, 2005),  the collection of short-stories El rombo de Michaelis (Alfaguara, 2007), and the children’s book Lo que comen los ratones (Alfaguara, 2008).
His most recent  book is the novel Cuando Lázaro anduvo (Alfaguara, 2012).

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